Bonus Damage

Bonus damage only occurs on the following three types of attacks: attacks with a large object, Linked attacks, and most superpowered attacks.

After resolving the initial attack, assuming it hits (even with just a Scratch), the attacker can make a Bonus Damage roll against the defender’s Resistance. The attacker rolls 4dF (4d3-8) and adds the following bonuses:

If the attack was made with a heavy object, the bonus is equal to +1 per 100 lbs. of the object.

If the attack was made with a superpowered attack, the bonus is equal to the power’s rank – 1.

The defender opposes this with a Resistance check.

If the attacker wins by 1 or more, the defender takes that many Scratches, upgrading them to Hurts and higher as necessary (see Damage Capacity, above).

Bonus Damage

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