A Word of Warning

FUDGE-based systems (like this one) are famous for having the rules get upstaged by the actual events. Rules and rolls are subject to minor fudging and outright ignoring, based on dramatic appropriateness.

Similarly, you will notice that FUDGE is a qualitative rather than a quantitative system. Succeeding on a difficult roll is not the same as succeeding on an easier roll, even if the margin of success is the same.

This game is not like Pathfinder, Traveler, D&D, or most others. The rules fit the (specific) game, and if the game changes, so do the rules. If something doesn’t make sense, you cannot fall back on “Well, that’s what the rules say”, because the rules themselves are subject to change based on what makes sense. The game system is simple (sometimes to the point of simplistic, though I don’t believe it is here) and can change on a moment’s notice if it suits the game better. (Obviously I try to keep the rules the same as much as possible, because good rules make good characters easier.)

Again, this game’s focus is on roleplaying and character interactions, rather than combat and skill challenges. Though of course it has both, rather like the others have roleplaying as well.

A Word of Warning

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