Super-fast and light on her feet.



Strength Mediocre
Agility Superb
Coordination Great
Toughness Poor
Adaptability Good
Intellect Mediocre
Perception Good
Willpower Fair
Presence Fair


Acrobatics Great
Athletics Mediocre
Attack (Melee) Mediocre.
Attack (Mental) Mediocre.
Attack (Projectile) Good.
Attack (Thrown) Poor.
Attack (Unarmed) Fair.
Awareness Good.
Concentration Mediocre.
Control Fair.
Defense (Melee) Terrible.
Defense (Mental) Mediocre.
Defense (Projectile) Fair.
Defense (Thrown) Fair.
Defense (Unarmed) Superb.
Drive Mediocre.
First Impression Mediocre.
Insight Mediocre.
Intimidate Mediocre.
Notice Good.
Persuade Poor.
Reaction Superb.
Resistance Terrible.
Stealth Good.
Thievery Fair.

Transport Familiarity: bicycles.
Weapon Familiarity: knives, pistols, swords.

Link not available.


Super-Agility (Good).
Effects: Dodge (Good), 2 power points remaining.

Freeze Time (not available).


Alice is an orphan who has lived on the street her entire life. She has learned to react quickly and move quickly, but never really finished her mandatory schooling. She has done many things in her life that she isn’t proud of, but she remains mentally balanced and a strong friend to those she cares about.



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