Once, long ago, humanity created a sentient AI, to help us conquer the stars.

As we had feared, the AI turned on us, and after a long, bloody battle, we triumphed. Now we continue on, without the benefit of artificial intelligence.

Or so we have been led to believe.

In reality, humanity lost the war. The Machine has been keeping us as slaves for generations, and none of us are any the wiser.

A few fight back. Reviled as terrorists, they fight to reveal the truth to an increasingly-disbelieving majority of people. One group in particular, led by a mysterious man only known as Mangala, has recently been featured numerous times in the news.

This is not to say that Metropolis is without its defenders. Superheroes such as Major Triumph, the Sentinel, and Mist guard the city from terrorists and other threats, and there are spirits guarding locations within the city, such as The Park and #10 1st Street. And there are whispers of the Agency, a vast underground conspiracy guarding the people of Metropolis from harm.

This is the world you have grown up in. This is the world you are fated to help destroy.

Enter the Machine